Improve The Health & Well-Being Of Your Child With Autism & ADHD
Living life with joy, authentic connection, and freedom! 
In this workshop, you'll discover how to improve your child's symptoms from Autism or ADHD, without the traditional approaches you may have tried in the past.
What You Will Learn In This Free Workshop
Shifting Your Perception
When you come from a place of awareness of how your child experiences this life and processes surrounding information, you can start to improve relationships and positively change their behaviour.
The 3  Biggest Symptom Influencers
Your child's symptoms are not random. Learn to control, direct and ultimately reduce your child's physical symptoms by addressing the three main factors that influence their symptoms.
How To Change Behaviour & Health
I'll teach you how to identify your child's discomfort and provide you actionable steps you can take to help realize a positive transformation in your child's life.

"My son was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome when he was 5. Our biggest challenges at the time were with self-regulation, rigid thinking and getting “stuck” on things, desire to control, self-awareness (theory of mind), and of course, anxiety. He’s now 19. At 15, he experienced a mood disorder, which is 50% more likely to occur in individuals diagnosed with ASD. After healings with Tina, he was far more expressive and engaged, much “lighter” in affect and was laughing and smiling for the first time in 4 years. He’s also displayed a much greater sense of independence. His appetite is much better than it has been – and he’s enjoying getting outside more." - Sue

About Tina Bishai

My name is Tina Bishai. I'm a mother of two beautiful children and I am also a health professional. I have Bachelors Degrees in Human Biology and Physical Therapy, as well as a Masters Degree in Business Administration.

My mission is to help children living with autism and ADHD address problematic symptoms they may be experiencing through a holistic approach, addressing all elements that impact a child’s behaviour. 

My goal is to see each and every child have the ability to authentically connect with others in this world, without having to deal with the myriad of symptoms they may be struggling with on a daily basis. I believe these children are unique and beautiful gifts who have the ability to function at a level that they have not necessarily achieved before.

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